Personal Therapy Exercise



Private or individual classes for seniors or those with aging disabilities


call or text:  530-665-9696




Personal Therapy Exercise classes open to the public in Chico & Oroville.


Tuesday, 6:00 pm and Thursdays 1:00 pm

Center for Spiritual Living

14 Hillary Lane, Chico CA


Wednesdays, 5:00 pm

Center for Spiritual Living

3135 Oro Dam Blvd., Oroville, CA



Matt provides Personal Therapy Exercise classes for seniors at these locations:


The Terraces Senior Living Center

Sycamore Glen, a private community for active seniors.


Ambergrove Place, for those with cognitive impairment.


To Whom It May Concern:

    I have had the pleasure to work with Matt Cavender since January 2016 at Prestige Assisted Living in Chico, California. Matt’s H e althy Moves™ exercise class offers many health benefits such as; breathing techniques, balance, strength, and mobility.

    Since Matt has joined our exercise program, the residents have expressed their gratitude and the benefits the class has brought to their health. All of his classes are highly attended and the residents enjoy his commitment and expertise. The class starts off with breathing then slowly moves toward balance and mobility. Matt expresses his confidence in the residents’ ability to overcome any challenges they may face every day. He has the ability to connect to the residents as well as share his knowledge with them in a clear and understanding approach.

    As a Life Enrichment Director, I cannot express enough gratitude for what Matt does for our residents here at Prestige. He has shown commitment, respect, and strives to make his class a success every time he walks through the door. It is a relief to see someone so dedicated and passionate about what he does.

    Overall, Matt’s exercise class showcases his calm personality, patience, knowledge, and passion for his practice.

    I believe Matt has many talents and great teaching ability. I would highly recommend his class and believe he brings many benefits to the community as well as the elderly population.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or at (530)899-0814 or


    Christina Rosenbloom

    Life Enrichment Director

April 4, 2016

Personal Therapy Exercise