Personal Therapy Exercise

Matt has skills to recognize each individual’s physical, mental and emotional capabilities. With a calm and gentle presence he inspires his students to reach for their desired potential.


Because each person is unique Matt has customized his Personal Therapy Exercise program for each individual's needs and goals.

Matt Cavender

Founder and Instructor

Matt Cavender has studied and practiced Chinese marital arts for over 43 years. At the age of 12 he learned Chinese Kenpo Karate in order to safeguard himself from bullies. It was an effective defensive system which he studied, practiced and later  taught.


In his thirties Matt discerned that martial arts was actually about moving the circulating life force (Chi), and finding the path of least resistance. This inspired him to study Northern Shaolin Long Fist which he practiced and taught for many years witnessing the the benefits in his own life and in the lives of his students.

Seeing the connection between well-being and marital arts, Matt focused on ways to transfer these philosophies into skills for life.


It was at this time his greatest teacher appeared. (Sifu, was a highly advanced teacher of the Middle Way and a Chi system that dated back over 5000 years, where the very roots of martial arts was born.) Matt immersed himself into these ancient principles and seeing how his own life had been transform, he developed the concepts into a practice (Chi Gong) that has a unique application all ages and especially for people between the ages of 60 and 110.

Personal Therapy Exercise